52 Life Lessons Inspired by My Outreach Trip

By Stefanie Cepuran, SOS Outreach Trip Participant, Ovejeria Larama, Bolivia, May 2015

· Do not take anything for granted. EVER.
· Why complain?
· Smiles, laughs and sports will always be universal.
· Presence > Presents. Always.
· You can have fun without Wi-Fi and electronics.
· Chase your dreams- first for yourself and second for those who won’t have opportunities to chase theirs.
· Education is a privilege. Do not waste it.
· The world is so small, yet so big.
· We are all so small in the grand scheme of things, make the MOST of your life, you only have one.
· Don’t be afraid to try new food when in a new culture- what are the chances you’ll be there again?
· Always have an open mind and a positive attitude.
· Old friends are a blessing, and new friends can be inexplicably amazing.
· Hard work always pays off.
· You can get to another continent in the same time you can binge watch a TV show- go do something productive.
· It’s great to capture moments in pictures but never forget to stop to take mental pictures as well.
· Family is so important. Never stop telling them you love them.
· Just breathe. Life could be worse.
· One simple gesture can change another person’s life.
· Never underestimate anything or yourself.
· First impressions are not always 100% accurate. Never lose out on the opportunity to meet and get to know someone wonderful.
· Age is a number and that’s it.
· If you have an idea and believe in it, go pursue it! That idea may be a movement that will positively impact the world.
· Life has so much beauty to offer if we just open up our eyes every once in a while.
· Never complain about a shower or “feeling dirty/greasy”; many people go without them.
· Feel everything with your heart, it is so rewarding.
· Take chances. If you are ever debating doing something or going somewhere, do it.
· You can always interact somehow, regardless of language.
· You can learn just as much from an adult as you can from a 2 year old.
· Go into every opportunity with minimal expectations. Life is full of surprises and you never want to be disappointed because of a picture you painted for yourself.
· You never know someone’s story or why they are the way they are.
· You can have a positive impact on someone’s life without knowing it.
· Without pollution and commercial buildings, the sky is so blue and full of stars at night.
· Even if something doesn’t go your way, stay positive! You might still have fun in that situation.
· Don’t ever stay too closed off. Heart to heart conversations are genuinely worth it every once in a while.
· Crying is not a sign of weakness; it shows how much something means to you.
· Even if you are sick or injured, you can still accomplish a lot and make a positive impact on someone else.
· Laugh as much as you can, everyone can join in.
· You can look up to someone younger than you.
· You can get to know people very well in 16 days. My SOS Family is incredible and I will never forget them.
· Always keep things in perspective.
· Sing and dance! It is great for you and can help make others smile.
· Never forget the faces of people you encounter. You meet everyone for a reason.
· Share your stories no matter how embarrassing! Make someone’s day.
· Get up and do something.
· Face to face bonding is so much better and will last longer than bonding through texting.
· If you look closely, you may see someone who is a lot like you.
· Don’t plan too far ahead, enjoy day by day.
· Life goes by in the blink of an eye. Please sit back, capture and feel every minute.
· It’s always a good idea to tell someone something you like about them. It can make them feel really good about themselves.
· Hold on to your memories and don’t sweat the small things.
· Be grateful for everything. And I mean everything.

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