Jayden Robins

Jayden Robins


Wilfrid Laurier University, BBA, Year 3


Human Resources

What makes you want to give back through SOS?

When I was in first year, SOS gave me the opportunity to try something I had ZERO experience in, Human Resources. Through this, experience I got to learn about my interests and how HR could have a huge impact on the success of the chapter. From my roles in HR and the AMAZING people in that department of which I had the opportunity to work with term over term, my dedication and commitment to seeing SOS excel truly flourished. Every step of the way, I was inspired by the mission, the volunteers, and HQ to take on more and more responsibility which ultimately led to the most rewarding experience yet, which has to be this past year as a chapter president. Through this role, I had the opportunity to fully understand the symbiotic relationship of all departments and help develop strategies to lead our chapter to success. If there is one thing I’ve learned as by biggest take-away from my experience on SOS is that your chapter is only as good as the people in it. Hiring the right people, with the right motivation, and nurturing those people throughout their time on SOS is critical to ensuring sustainable success of your chapter now, and for years to come.


Throughout Jayden’s time on SOS, he has held the position of Human Resources Executive, Vice President of Human Resources and Chapter President. Throughout his time on SOS, and with the help of his fellow volunteers, Jayden has helped raise over $100,000 for the Laurier chapter. Jayden believes that some of this success can be attributed to his, and his teams, work in developing efficient and effective means of hiring volunteers and keeping them informed and motivated throughout each term. As president, Jayden used his knowledge and skills he acquired from three terms in HR do build a strong team of VP’s (with the help of his co-presidents, Julia Tam and Megan Murphy). Knowing the importance of communication within terms, Jayden experimented with new methods for keeping his team “in the loop” and implemented the use of a task tracking and assigning platform called Trello, which was a huge success in keeping everyone organized.

If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be - and why?

If I could have dinner with any person, living or dead, it would have to be Betty White. Now you’re probably thinking, Jayden, out of everyone who has ever lived you chose someone who is still alive! At the time of writing this I literally cannot think of anyone who is dead… which is bad…I’m totally blanking. Maybe I’m just fortunate enough to not have had anyone who I currently idolize die? Who knows? Anyways…BETTY WHITE! What a lady! Obviously I love her because she’s hilarious and I am 100% confident that she’d have me on the floor laughing throughout our whole meal together. I also think she has lived a really interesting life and would have endless stories to tell. In addition to her humor, she inspires me even more through her wildlife activism and support. She has such a kind heart and I would die to get a chance to meet her before…you know. Live on Betty! -Love Jayden


When I’m not SOSing, you can find me playing with my pet parakeet, Luccello (IG: @Luccellothebird). I also love watching just about anything on Netflix with an emphasis on reality tv (my guilty pleasure is reality dating shows like the Bachelor and Love is Blind. I also recently started catching up on the 18 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I also love to travel anywhere from weekend road trips to months in Taiwan. Love food… all types…not much I won’t eat. And yes… I did just add food as a hobby.

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