Lucy Yang


Biomedical Sciences


What makes you want to giveback through SOS?

“I wanted to join SOS because of the vast number of ways that SOS gives back to the community, whether that community is local or across the globe. By taking part in this movement, I could make a direct impact on local university students and also students in Latin America (and Africa through the Textbooks for Change partnership)! Being a part of the SOS family has been more than rewarding — it is always a pleasure to watch SOS volunteers in action on Outreach Trips and receive a lot of direct, positive feedback about our tutoring sessions and how these have been a friendly and affordable way to improve students’ learning experience.”


Lucy held the role of VP HR and then the role of President at Calgary SOS throughout the past 3 years. She helped bring the new partnership between Textbooks for Change (T4C) and SOS to life at the Calgary chapter by liaising different departments on campus and communicating between the faculty members and other staff to see T4C succeed. Lucy has also helped hire almost the entirety of the executive and tutoring teams due to the large volunteer turnover in the past 2 years after the graduating of the previous volunteers and VPs. She plans to continue spearheading new partnerships and projects, as well as hiring promising new students to the VP team.

If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be - and why?

Gilgamesh, ancient ruler of the Sumerian city of Uruk. I love history, especially of ancient civilizations!


I love to binge watch TV shows on Netflix! I’ve pretty much watched every popular TV show that exists and I am always open to new suggestions!