Smita Challu

Smita is an accomplished value-driven leader and a designated Chartered Marketer with experience in digital product management, strategic marketing, customer experience, and fundraising. In her current role as Director of Offering at World Vision Canada, she focuses on building offering portfolio to drive meaningful impact to empower children and their communities and while doing so, transforming the lives of donors through their giving experience. Smita is passionate about the cause and leads with her influence within multi-cultural context to drive effective social change. Before joining World Vision, Smita previously held senior leadership positions within diverse sectors such as telecom, manufacturing, media and most recently the impact development sector. Smita has been an advocate for championing inclusivity and culturally responsive engagement and a leading voice for rights of children in the not-for-profit community. Smita has led many teams on several international projects to places such as Malawi, Kenya, and Guatemala and learned tremendously about the international development work. She is also focused on understanding the impact of digital transformation and use of AI and ML based initiatives to expand her knowledge in this area. Smita supports SOS by bringing her fundraising expertise and passion for bridging the divide.