Zachary Weiss


Educational Development, Marketing, International Development

What makes you want to giveback through SOS?

“My time with SOS allowed me to develop many of the skills that I value today: intercultural competency and humility, leadership, and perseverance, among many others. Now, I want to give back. I want to help inspire and train the next generation of leaders so that we can all create change together.”


Zach began his time working with SOS as a course instructor, a position that he held for over 4 years at UBC. Zach participated in two outreach trips to Guatemala, the second time as Trip Leader. During is later years with the organization, Zach held the role of VP Educational Development (formally VP Academic) and eventually the role of SOS President, afterwhich he was the SOS Leadership Award. Over the course of holding all of these differing roles, Zach’s main focus was always on increasing the communication and collaboration within UBC SOS, as well as communicating the good that UBC SOS does to the broader student body.

If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be - and why?

I’ve always been inspired by Timothy Caulfield, a Professor at the University of Alberta and current holder of a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy. His work in communicating science and medicine to the general public is inspiring, and I’d love to pick his brain over dinner.


My latest and greatest interest has been in the field of politics and policy. As a medical student, I’m particularly interested in the convergence of healthcare and health policy, and actively participate in advocacy campaigns during the school year.