Donate to Guate Groundswell Program

Guatemala Groundswell is a lifechanging program that is helping adolescents in rural Mayan communities stay in school and pay their knowledge forward by leading ‘learning circles’ to support younger students to succeed. Learn all about GG and its impact

Every donation = 10x Impact!

Every Ambassador provides direct and immediate support to 10+ mentees through learning circle sessions, while also developing essential skills to become lifelong leaders for the sustainable development of their community.

To make the program a success requires school supplies, tablets, as well as financial assistance to help students pay for transportation to school. Our donor community plays a major role in making this program possible. 

Become a Monthly Donor

Each learning circle costs approximately $50 Canadian per month. We are currently supporting over 30 learning circles.

Whether you’re able to sponsor multiple learning circles, or just a portion of one, the reliable, ongoing source of support of monthly donors enable the sustainability and growth of GG.

Monthly donors have the chance to connect directly with the students benefiting from their support through virtual events, online discussions, and behind-the-scenes access to learn all about our work.

Learn about becoming a Monthly Donor

Make a one-time contribution

One-time contributions help to cover fixed costs associated with running the GG program, such as purchasing new tablets for youth participants, purchasing masks and medical supplies to respond to Covid-19, and replenishing learning supplies.

Whether you’re able to contribute $5 or $5000, your contribution will be tremendously appreciated.

All donations to SOS are 100% tax-deductible

For the most convenient option, please donate through our online giving form 

SOS also accepts donations through Cheque, Interac E-Transfer, Payroll Giving programs, or Pre-Authorized Bank Withdrawals. Please Contact Us for more information.

Contributions from our monthly and one-time donors are also complemented through the fundraising efforts of SOS Chapters and grants from various partner organizations.