Durham College Storytelling Workshops in Las Arrugas

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Durhan College along with the Journalism – Mass Media program proposed a semester-long Faculty-led Classroom Abroad. The project was led with collaboration between the Journalism – Mass Media program and Students Offering Support (SOS), specifically Guate Groundswell youth mentors in Las Arrugas, Guatemala. 

Students in the Journalism – Mass Media program hosted virtual workshops where they worked with Guatemalan students to learn and discover new modes of storytelling, specifically producing podcasts, videography, photography, animation, and/or public relations campaigns. The students worked in small groups to identify a story theme related to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals for their selected storytelling medium.

There were a total of 5 groups that ‘met’ online once a week. Throughout these sessions, they continue experiencing cross-cultural exchange, while also improving the quality, direction, and design of the five storytelling mediums (podcasts, videography,  photography, animation, and/or public relations campaigns). 

The workshops are reinforcing and transferring knowledge to the Guatemalan students, who are developing the skills to tell their own stories using readily available technology.

Our communities continue working in the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN Member States that outline a roadmap for sustainable development by 2030.

Here you can watch their final projects: 

  1. Captain Planet and the 5 Planetarians 
  2. Climate Change
  3. Poverty and Quality Education
  4. Poverty and wellbeing 

Hear what participants are saying about the virtual workshops

“Thank you very much for supporting me and for teaching me things that I did not know. I am very grateful to you,” Cristian Toc. 

Canadian Students taught us that anything is possible and that I must work hard to overcome my fears,” Heidy Cal.

“The most amazing thing I have learned has been the creation and production of podcasts and animatics. Thanks to these projects, I had the opportunity to learn about storytelling and to use Power Director and Wave Editor in my tablet,” Doris Jul. 

Guate Groundswell is made possible in part through support from the Fund for Innovation and Transformation and its partners: The InterCouncil Network, the Manitoba Council for International Co-operation, and the Government of Canada.

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