Introducing Our 2022 SF Mentors!

Hey everyone! This week we’re introducing our new SF student mentors from our Guate Groundswell program. Each story is unique and showcases the amazing impact of our GG program. For those who wish to learn more about the GG program, click here. If you wish to donate, click here!

Introducing: Catelin Carolina Toma Ostuma

Meet Catelin. She is 19 years old and speaks Spanish. Her favorite subjects in school are Social Sciences and Fundamental Physics. In her free time, Catelin enjoys reading and writing. In the future, she would like to get a bachelor’s degree in Education.

In the household, Catelin’s mother is the pillar and breadwinner of the family. This inspires Catelin to continue her studies through the future to be able to support her family, just like her mother.

Unfortunately, a major impediment for Catelin to continue her studies is the lack of financial resources, but with the Students Offering Support scholarship she will be able to cover her tuition and help with some of her household expenses.

Her dream is to become a veterinarian, that is why her participation in the Guate Groundswell program will help her develop technical skills, strengthen her leadership and improve her academic performance.

Introducing: Juana Emelda

Meet Juana Emelda. She is 16 years old, and her mother tongue is Ixil. Currently, she is in 3rd grade and her favourite subject is mathematics.

The most important goal for Juana is to achieve her dreams. Despite suffering discrimination from her classmates, she has always been brave and positive. Her dream is to become a police officer to protect her community from crime and injustice.

The financial support she receives from SOS scholarship through the Guate Groundswell program is an opportunity to help her father cover the costs related to her education.

For her, being part of this program is very important and she feels grateful for being able to achieve her goals and objectives, thanks to the new knowledge she will acquire.

Introducing: Juana Perez

Meet Juana Perez. She is 15 years old and has two older siblings. During her free time, she enjoys playing soccer. Her parents support and encourage Juana to continue with her studies.

“It is very important because through study I can speak Spanish and understand, to have a better future to help my parents later, that is why they give me the opportunity and the time”

Juana is currently in 2nd grade; she speaks Ixil and her favorite subject at school is science. When she grows up, she wants to become a teacher. Juana believes that if people are educated there will be less gender discrimination since, at school, teachers encourage students to get involved in activities where both men and women can participate in a safe environment.

Introducing: Kevin Fernando

Meet Kevin. He is 14 years old and has one brother. Kevin speaks both Spanish and Ixil. He enjoys playing ball and riding a bike in his free time. Currently, Kevin is in 1st grade and his favorite subjects are Math and Music. He always looks forward to helping his classmates whenever they are having a hard time in their studies.

To fulfill his dreams, Kevin has the support of his mother who believes that education is the best tool she can give her children to access opportunities that she did not have.

For Kevin, the scholarship from the Guate Groundswell program will help provide his mother with resources to pay for his studies and help with their living expenses.

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