Introducing the SOS Global Ambassadors: Meet Group 1!

Dear readers,

As we kick off our Global Ambassadors Summer Exchange Program, I am so excited to introduce to you our new SOS Global Ambassadors who will be participating in online exchanges and supporting SOS throughout the summer.

Meet the SOS volunteers of Team 1:

Daniel Dunn 

Daniel is currently in his third year of Biomedical Science at the University of Windsor. He is the logistics executive of the SOS Windsor Chapter and has previously participated in two of our SuperScience workshops. Daniel has a passion for teaching and making connections with students. He can also sing the alphabet backwards!

Andrew Hebert

Andrew is in his first year of nursing at the University of Windsor. Over the past year, he’s volunteered as a marketing executive and tutor for SOS Windsor Chapter, helping to promote exam aid sessions, participating in events, and tutoring Biology and Advanced Functions. His goal is to gain a new perspective about education, accessibility, and the world!

Maria Rueda 

Maria is currently in her second year of Biochemistry at the University of Windsor. She has been involved with the SOS Windsor Chapter for two years serving as a marketing executive and calculus tutor. Maria speaks Spanish, loves channelling her creativity into crafting, and is passionate about making education accessible.

Janine Garcia 

Janine is currently working toward her Bachelor of Science in Biology, as well as minors in Chemistry and Psychology. She has been a general volunteer, VP of Finance, and has recently been made President of the VIU SOS Chapter. Janine works as a Health Care Assistant and loves being able to make a difference in the lives of others!

To learn more about the Global Ambassadors program, visit:

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