Introducing the SOS Global Ambassadors: Meet Group 3!

Dear readers,

As we kick off our Global Ambassadors Summer Exchange Program, I am so excited to introduce to you our new SOS Global Ambassadors who will be participating in online exchanges and supporting SOS throughout the summer.

Meet the SOS volunteers of Team 3:

Nick Phillbin

Nick is currently studying to get his Masters of Biological Sciences at the University of Windsor. He has been a part of the SOS Windsor Chapter for three years as a biology tutor, VP of Recruitment, and Head of Educational Development. Nick is passionate about being involved in initiatives that create equal access for all, and is looking forward to forming cross cultural friendships.

Evert Lindquist

Evert is currently in his first year of Journalism and Humanities at Carleton University. He has previously participated in our Flip the Script program where he created a narrative about inequalities in Canada with his team. Evert is fluent in Spanish, spent several months living in Argentina, and used to work as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Nishalini Nehruji

Nish is currently in her fourth year of Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology at the University of Windsor. She volunteers with the SOS Windsor Chapter as a tutor and hopes to continue on the executive team. Nish loves to dance and hopes to understand more about lifestyles from across the globe.

Mani Misra

Mani is currently in her second year of Animation and Digital Production at Durham College. She recently participated in the FLCA Storytelling Project where she worked virtually with students in Guatemala to address sustainable development goals in their community. Mani is interested in drawing, video, and sound editing and looks forward to sharing her knowledge of cinematics in the program.

Kirsten Suesser 

Kirsten has been volunteering with SOS since the summer of 2019. This year, she became Co-President of the University of Victoria SOS Chapter and worked as an exam aid instructor. She is passionate about hiking, horseback riding, dancing, and learning!

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