Minute School Challenge

Every time an individual from your university joins Minute School for either a free or premium account, your Chapter earns a point in the Minute School Contest.

Whoever has the most points as of December 31st will earn additional contributions to their Chapter Revenues, plus you’ll be helping your friends by connecting them with additional study resources (including practice questions, study schedule planning, and more!)


  • $750 will be awarded to the school with the most overall sign-ups
  • $750 will be awarded to the school with the most sign-ups as a percentage of their undergraduate population

Plus, 100% of any proceeds from any registrations for Premium Account Subscriptions ($4.99/month) of the Minute School app for December 1st – January 31st, 2019 will be donated to SOS and count towards your Chapters Annual Revenues.

A similar ‘Minute School’ contest will also be offered by Minute School for next semester (January 2019-April 2019)

Note: funds will be counted towards your Chapters annual revenues towards Outreach Project funding. Specifically, the funds will be associated with the SOS Emergency Campaign for Nicaragua. Learn more about the campaign here!

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