Our Global Partners

Our partners on the ground are non-governmental organizations run by passionate individuals who have spent years working, researching and understanding the communities and cultures that we support. They are able to provide vital feedback about what works, what doesn’t, what’s needed and what’s not. We work with and depend on them to develop educational projects that are meaningful and sustainable to the places where we work.

Niños de Guatemala (NDG)

Niños de Guatemala (NDG) empowers communities in marginalized areas of Guatemala. They achieve this by providing education that extends beyond the traditional classroom across three levels: students, their families, and the larger community.

They run two primary schools and one secondary school fully staffed with teachers, social workers, after-school programs and more, serving over 500 children.

NDG aims to be sustainable both at the organizational and community level through initiating and supporting social business; The Good Hotel, Cambio Language Schoolthe Experience Guatemala tours, the proceeds of which finance their 3 schools and the programming within each.
SOS has partnered with Niños de Guatemala since 2014 to complete four different projects -classrooms, water cistern, social work classroom, and washrooms- at each of NDG’s schools.

For more info, visit https://ninosdeguatemala.org

Asociación Nicaragüense para el Desarrollo Sostenible (ANIDES)

The Nicaraguan Association for Sustainable Development (ANIDES) is a civil society nonprofit organization driven by a group of Nicaraguan professionals with extensive experience in community development.Working with over 50 communities around Matagalpa, ANDIES facilitates processes for capacity building and skills resilient to climate change. They also provide and promote financial and resources for women, children, and adolescents in rural Nicaraguan communities.SOS has partnered with ANIDES since 2010 on over 18 community development building projects across Nicaragua including accessible classrooms, kitchens, bridges and playgrounds.

For more info, visit http://anides.org

Reto Juvenil Internacional(RJI)

RJI is globally recognized for its commitment to youth development and sustainable community development. They are a leading nonprofit association that implements development initiatives in Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, México, Guyana, Surinam, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa de Marfil, Guinea Bissau and Cuba in collaboration with local and global partners.

Over the past 24 years RJI has participated in over 540 community projects and provided training and the opportunity to more than 7.500 volunteers from different nationalities to strengthen their abilities and develop new skills to be global and local leaders.

SOS has partnered with RJI since 2009 on over 29 community development projects across Latin America in countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico.

For more info, visit http://www.retojuvenil.org

Seeds of Innovation for Sustainable Development (SIDS)

SIDS (formerly SEED Alliance) was built by husband and wife Edil and Sheily when they were selected to participate in a program offered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) at Georgetown University. The program sought out leaders in different regions of Guatemala and gave participants leadership development, technical training, and more, for a period of 2 years.

Sheily and Edil created SIDS in to mobilize Alumni from the SEED program to implement the skills they learnt in order to better their communities. SIDS Leaders propose community projects, in which many, if not all, of them were born and raised in.

SIDS and SOS have worked together since 2012 on 18 community development projects in Guatemala including classrooms, schools, kitchens and computer labs.

Seeds of Learning

Seeds of Learning is dedicated to promoting conditions for quality learning in their partnering communities educating North American constituents about the rich cultural diversity and the educational and social needs of poorly resourced communities in Central America.

Seeds of Learning envisions a world in which all persons have access to quality education, where cross-cultural experiences promote understanding, and where people are empowered to effect positive change.

SOS has partnered with Seeds of Learning since 2012 on 6 community development projects ranging from community resource centres, school gardens, classrooms, and libraries.

For more info, visit https://www.seedsoflearning.org