Our Programs

Elevating Education, Igniting Leaders

SOS offers a variety of transformational, educational programs, built upon a student-led approach.

Exam Aids

Offer fun and engaging learning spaces, organized by student volunteers, to help their peers excel academically.

Culture Connect

Builds intercultural understanding through connecting Canadian and global youth audiences

SOS Chapters

Coordinate Exam Aids and other on-campus activities which help engage Canadian students and fundraise to support SOS’ global impact.

Guatemala Groundswell

Empowers a generation of youth leaders in rural Mayan regions to stay in school, achieve their dreams

Lights, Camara, Action for Equality

(LCAE) trains indigenous rural youth, women, and men on human rights, gender equality, leadership, and advocacy while also using Digital Storytelling Techniques and Methodologies.

About Us

SOS began in 2004 when students at Wilfred Laurier University came together to organize peer-to-peer study groups, through which they also collected donations for organizations supporting the right to education internationally. That same philosophy of student-to-student learning and global engagement is what has carried us as we’ve expanded to have SOS Chapter at 15+ post-secondary campuses across Canada, engage 100,000+ Canadian students through Exam Aids, and work with international partners from 11 countries to support the global right to education.

When you make a contribution to SOS, you not only become part of a community, you also have the chance to directly see your impact