Our Programs

We create sustainable impact through the power of education.


Improving equity in education through strategic grants


Global Impact Fund

Over $2.5 million granted, improving access to education for 150,000 students.

Through donations collected through programs such as Exam Aids and through sponsorships, we generate funding for organizations working in communities facing barriers to education. Through a thoughtful application and selection process, we empower locally-based organizations to identify their educational needs and priorities and provide funding to support the delivery of chosen projects.

Learn more about the Impact of what we’ve funded: sosvolunteertrips.org/our-impact


Supporting equity in Professional Study Program


MCAT for Social Impact

As the cost of tuition rises within Canada, pursuing further education becomes increasingly inaccessible. Through the MCAT for Social Impact program, we enable student leaders who’ve shown their commitment to social equity, who may face financial barriers, to receive discounted access to Princeton Review MCAT Prep Courses to pursue medical school. Scholarships are given annually through a competitive application process each Spring. Check SOS’ social media channels to be informed when the opportunity is made available! A special thanks go to the Princeton Review who sponsors this program.


Igniting leaders through lifelong community engagement


Alumni Network Program

With over 10,000 past volunteers, the SOS Alumni Network is connecting a generation of emerging community leaders.

Through the SOS Alumni Network, we assist our past volunteers to continue making social impact beyond their time on campus. Example programs include:

  • SOS Link: This program helps graduating volunteers find mentors to their holistic development as community leaders as they navigate life after graduation
  • SOS Opportunities Network: this program helps connect our past volunteers with other social mission organizations providing forums for learning and impact which build off the SOS volunteer experience

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