Support students in your own classroom
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SOS’ Exam Aids provide peer-to-peer academic support to help students as they transition into university. This approach, built on SOS’ 10 years of experience, is proven to reduce student academic anxiety and improve learning comprehension.

Professors, TAs and other members of University administration are key contributors to the delivery of Exam Aids. Contact your local Chapter to see how you can get involved.

“A super win/win formula for everyone involved, on campus and in the target communities assisted.” 

– Dr. Bonnie Neuman, former Vice-President: Student Services
(Dalhousie University, York University, Brock University)

Some ways you can help:

Identifying Exam Aid Instructors

Do you know an outstanding student who has excelled in your class and is a strong communicator? By recommending them to your campus’ SOS Chapter you’ll be able to initiate an Exam Aid session for your course to provide extra support to your students through a peer-to-peer based approach.

Assist Development of Session Materials

SOS sessions are built around student-created content to review key learning concepts. From time to time third party materials are used in accordance with Fair Dealings guidelines. We welcome and encourage the involvement of Professors in helping develop the session outline and content.

Support Session Promotions

Help build awareness of SOS sessions by working with your Chapter to coordinate class talks, class flyering, and postings within your online learning systems.

Share your Testimonial

If you’ve enjoyed your work with SOS, we would love to hear from you! Submit a testimonial by emailing

Donate Your Textbooks

If you have used textbooks you no longer need, you can make them available to our global partners who may have those books included on their wishlists. Contact your SOS Chapter to arrange a pick-up of books as part of our Textbooks for Change collections campaigns.

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