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Life after high school offers an exciting new chapter. But, this period of change can be complex and challenging for even the most talented and well-supported of students. Our program helps high schoolers build the skills, self confidence, knowledge, and support networks to Start Right as they begin their next stage.

  • 4/5 current post-secondary students felt they hadn’t developed the health and stress management skills they needed for post-secondary [1]
  • 65% of students reported experiencing overwhelming anxiety in the previous year (up from 58% in 2013) [2]
  • 1/6 university students drop out in their first year [3]
  • 67% of Canadian students (university) graduate with debt, at an average amount of $25,000, [4] which takes on average 10+ years to pay off
  • Over 50% of todays jobs will be affected by automation in the next 10 years [5]
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  2. Council of Ontario Universities, 2017: In it Together: Taking Action on Student Mental Health
  3. Toronto Star, 2009: 1/6 Students Won’t Make the Grade
  4. Global News, 2017: 77% of Canadian graduates have regrets about student debt: poll
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Our network of College/ University students are sharing their real life stories to help answer students questions.

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Start Right provides live workshops, online resources, and personal mentorship delivered by current Post-Secondary student volunteers to help High Schoolers thrive through transitions.

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SOS has designed three workshops designed by students, for students, to cover a variety of key topics needed to make a successful transition to College and University life. We’re calling on students, parents, and teachers who want to help bring the workshops to their schools.

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Becoming a Start Right Facilitator is your chance to be part of the SOS community, help other students following in your footsteps, and develop valuable presentation and facilitation skills.

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