The Impact of a SOS Outreach Trip

On March 16th 2016, months after our August 2015 Outreach Trips, SOS Head Office received the following email…

“The SOS trip was the best 2 weeks of my life. I literally think about the kids, family, and all the workers I had a strong bond with once a day. Before work and after work I would play with the kids for hours. I could of easily just went back to my room, but I knew that I would never get these two weeks back. I had no regrets on the trip, I gave it my all.

Once we entered the village and drove towards the house, I saw a girl looking through the window and that’s when I knew the trip was going to be amazing. Her name was Gingar and she was 8 years old. We instantly had a bond. I used to drop her to school everyday, play with her during our breaks during work, and then after work play with her and the other kids.

I’ve been very lucky and truly blessed to have parents that could afford 8 years of private school and 2 years of university for me so far. Back when I was a trumpet player, I would travel to Cuba for performances, and I had visited orphanages there. That’s when I realized how fortunate I was and what truly mattered in life. Who cares about the $100,000 Mercedes Benz or a $1000 Louis Vuitton belt? A lot of people go on these trips so it looks great on their resume, but I never cared about that. As long as I personally know I’m going to do something positive in someone else’s life, that’s all that matters.

What truly brought happiness in my life were the encounters I had with the people in Nicaragua. There had been many powerful moments I experienced during the trip, two of which where I was going to cry. I always tell friends back home the hardest part about the trip wasn’t the construction; the hardest part was leaving the family. When we were about to leave I was going to tear up but I didn’t because the kids would have begun crying even more. I personally dislike cliché phrases, but when dealing with this trip, it was like a movie, it was just perfect. I just wanted to say thank you again for checking up on volunteers and thank you for providing powerful trips for university students!

Thank you,
Amandeep Singh”

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