The Real, Hands On Experience of SOS Outreach Trips

By Olivia Brown, Trip Participant, Los Trozos, Honduras, February 2016

This past reading week, I had the opportunity to travel to Honduras with a group of Carleton students to assist in the construction of a vocational training centre.

Our team had met during a few pre-departure and team bonding activities, but I would have never been able to imagine the amazing group dynamic that came from the experience. From sleeping on each other at the airport to mixing cement together, we became our own little family and we grew both as individuals and as a group. The beauty of Honduras surpassed by expectations, from the amazing waterfalls we saw during a hike to the lush greenery we overlooked while brushing our teeth each morning. The community was so open, friendly and welcoming of us. The children were extremely carefree and joyous, showing me how our dependence on technology and “the latest gadget” are far from important in terms of happiness.

I felt right at home and realized how fortunate we are to live in Canada with as many privileges as we have. The vocational centre we worked on will likely be finished by August. It will help to teach the children skills that will prevent them from moving to the city in hopes of finding employment, therefore keeping the community of Los Trozos thriving and together.

I learned an immense amount about myself, including my physical and emotional limits, my newfound passion for travelling, and most of all my interest in community service learning. Nothing compares to real, hands-on experience and I have learned so many things that I will continue to apply to my everyday life.

Lake Yojoa, Honduras

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