About Us

Elevating Education, Igniting Leaders

Our mission is to build connections among students from diverse cultures and communities to exchange knowledge, shift perspectives, and inspire the next generation of changemakers.

Our Approach

All SOS programs and projects are built upon a belief in the power of youth. Whether it’s working in Canada or in Latin America, we strive to empower students to take on leadership roles that allow them to unleash their personal potential and drive sustainable global development, while engaging their broader communities to amplify their impact. 

Our Global Impact

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of SOS’ Chapters, as well as our donors and sponsors, we’ve supported +235 projects helping improve quality of education in underserved communities.

Meet the SOS Team

The SOS Community includes a small team of staff, supported by a expansive community of volunteers, including a Board of Directors and National Volunteer Advisory Committee.

Our Supporters

SOS is supported by a number of companies and organizations that help make our impact possible.