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Over 10,000 volunteers have contributed to the SOS network and are continuing to leave an incredible impact on their community. Our Alumni Network enables this community to remain connected to one another while growing personally and professionally as community changemakers.

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Alumni Impact

In 2018, we conducted an evaluation of the long-term impact on SOS volunteer experiences, with over 400 responses. See the full results here
93.3% say they felt they had a meaningful impact on others through their SOS experience.
82% agreed they “developed strengthened sense of personal confidence, maturity, and self-awareness”.


Said the experience helped them ” Develop soft skills ( Eg. Teamwork, communication, time management, organization) valuable to their lives and career”.


Say they through the SOS community they ” Formed friendships that have shaped who they are today”.


Said the SOS experience enabled/ enhanced their commitment towards serving as a leader within their community.

77% say they now make intentional lifestyle decisions with social/environmental impact in mind.
78% of trip participants said their global outreach experience increased their understanding of issues related to social inequality and social justice.