Become a Monthly donor


Monthly sponsors are the backbone of our Youth Ambassadors program. Learn what it means to be a monthly donor.

Monthly Donors

3 Reasons to become a Monthly Donor

Increased Impact

Being able to count on your support provides the base for SOS to be able to make long-term, ongoing commitments to our program participants and partners.


Choose how you want to make your donation (eg. credit card, bank withdrawal, e-transfer, or post-dated cheques) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Connect with Beneficiaries

Our monthly donors have the chance to connect directly with one another and with program participants through exclusive access to interactive virtual events

The Impact of Your Contribution

Contributions of all amounts are welcome. A monthly commitment of $50 supports an entire scholarship of one Youth Ambassador and provides the essential resources (eg. pencils, notebooks) for Ambassadors to run their weekly Learning Circles. Specifically, your funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 85% to support the Monthly Scholarship of a Youth Ambassador
  • 15% to support the purchase of Learning Supplies (Pencils, Notebooks), and other program resources

FAQs About Becoming a Monthly Donor

What does it mean to be a monthly donor?

As a monthly donor, you will pledge to donate a consistent amount each month, on a long-term basis. Each pledge directly enables us to increase the number of students supported through GG. Monthly donors also have exclusive opportunities to connect directly with one another and with beneficiaries via quarterly virtual events and other initiatives that provide a behind-the-scenes look at our program.

Why are monthly donors important to the program’s success?

Monthly donors provide the type of reliable and ongoing support that is needed to make long-term commitments to youth participants and local community partners. For every additional $50 in monthly pledges, we are able to run one additional learning circle, supporting approximately 8 students per year.

How much will I contribute as a monthly donor?

Monthly donors provide the type of reliable and ongoing support that is needed to make long-term commitments to youth participants and local community partners. For every additional $50 in monthly pledges, we are able to run one additional learning circle, supporting approximately 8 students per year. You can contribute any amount you choose as a monthly donor, whether it be $1 or $100 a month (or any amount in between). Truly every dollar makes a difference.
$50 covers the direct monthly program expenses associated with running one additional learning circle, which supports approximately 8 students.
TIP: If you’re not able to sponsor a learning circle individually, how about joining up with some friends, family, classmates, or co-workers to sponsor a learning circle together?

What will my contributions be used for?

100% of your contribution goes towards program expenses that directly support youth participants.

  • 90% goes towards monthly scholarship for our youth mentors. Each mentor contributes approximately 10 hours per week towards the program. They are provided with a modest honorarium of $45 CAD/month that enables them to continue with their own studies and support their mentees, rather than needing to drop out for work.
  • 10% goes towards purchasing educational materials and supplies used during learning circles (eg. notebooks, pens, nutritional snacks, etc)

Other fixed program expenses such as the purchase of tablets, rental of program office spaces, and wages for local Program Officers, are covered by grants and other fundraising initiatives of SOS. This allows your contribution to go directly to the expenses most directly associated with increasing our number of youth participants.

How do I become a monthly donor?

The most convenient way to sign up as a monthly donor is by signing
up via and contributing by automated credit card donations. SOS uses a secure and free-to-use platform called Simplyk to automatically process and manage your donation. You will be able to access your tax receipts and manage your donation via the Simplyk platform. We also offer alternative options to contribute through pre-authorized bank withdrawal, post-dated cheques, cash, or through an employer payroll giving program.
Please contact to coordinate.

Click “donate” → Select your amount → fill in your information

Should I add an optional donation to Simplyk?

When making a donation to SOS you’ll be invited to make an add-on contribution to Simplyk, the platform that SOS uses to facilitate donations and tax receipting. Simplyk is itself a charity and accepts these donations to enable the services they provide. This is 100% optional, and you can opt-out or adjust the amount you contribute to Simplyk. Follow these steps according to your preference.

  • Once you reach the page to “Confirm your Donation” → Click “Other”
  • In “Contribution”, change the amount to $0 (or adjust as desired)

How to activate your Simplyk Account?

Once you make your donation you will receive an email from Simplyk (please check your spam if you didn’t receive it in your inbox). In this email Click activate your “Simply Account”. (You will be redirected to the Simplyk Platform) Create and add your new password → Click “Reset Password” → Go to the Dashboard and See My Donations.

How long do I have to commit to being a monthly donor?

When signing up as a monthly donor, we ask that you plan to maintain your contributions for a minimum of 1 year. This provides the reliable base of support we need to be able to extend commitments to additional youth participants and local community partners. We hope you will choose to continue beyond the one-year period to become a long-term member of the SOS monthly donor community.

How do I cancel or adjust my contribution if I need to?

We understand there may be circumstances outside of your control that require you to unexpectedly cancel or adjust your monthly pledge.

  • If you contribute by credit card you can log-in via a self-serve Donation Management platform, called Simplyk, to cancel your donations at any time, hassle-free.
  • If you choose to make your donations through an alternative method (post-dated cheques, pre-authorized debit, or a payroll giving program), you can coordinate the immediate cancellation of your monthly commitment by emailing

To cancel your donation log-in to Simplyk using the e-mail and password you set when you first made your donation. Go to “My Dashboard” → “View my donations”. You will have the option to cancel the donation and you will see all your receipts. Also, If you would like to adjust the amount of your donation, you can cancel it and create a new monthly donation.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

All monthly donor contributions are 100% tax deductible. Tax receipts can be accessed at any time a self-serve Donation Management Platform used by SOS, called Simplyk. Tax receipts will also be sent by e-mail to you.

To view your receipts, log-in to Simplyk using the e-mail and password you set when you first made your donation. Go to “My Dashboard” → “View my donations” and click “see” to view the receipt associated with any specific donation.

Who can be a monthly donor?

Anyone is welcome to become a monthly donor! Our monthly donor community is mostly made up of individuals who’ve directly experienced SOS’ programs (such as by participating in an Outreach Trip, virtual exchange, or working with an SOS Chapter) as well as the friends and family of those volunteers. This fosters a unique and intimate community of donors who are keen to be constantly growing as global citizens and who truly understand the needs we are helping to address.

How will I be kept informed about the program?

Monthly donors will receive monthly newsletters and have the option to participate in quarterly virtual events to stay in the loop about the program. You also have the opportunity to communicate directly with SOS staff (by e-mail or phone) at any time to ask any questions you may be curious to learn about.

Are there ways to get more involved with SOS?

There are various ways monthly donors can help expand their impact:

  • Volunteer: Volunteering with SOS allows you to connect with an inspired community, broaden your perspective, and make an impact.
  • Fundraise: Organize a group fundraiser through your classroom, your workplace, or among your friends and family and help us to continue supporting education in vulnerable communities.
  • Become an educational partner: SOS works with Colleges, Universities, and K-12 schools Culture Connect programs

What is the goal of GG and how are the goals achieved?

This program was created in Spring 2020 to empower more Mayan students in rural communities of Guatemala to study beyond 6th grade. In the regions we work in, only about ¼ of students continue their studies beyond primary school. Learn more about the approach of the program and the results we’ve achieved so far at