Exam Aid services are the flagship of our on-campus programming, helping build peer-to-peer communities committed to academic excellence while raising funds for our Global Impact Projects in developing communities. Over 100,000 students have been supported by Exam Aid Sessions and 96% would recommend a session to a friend!

Exam Aid Instructors

Exam Aids are three hour group review sessions that occur prior to a midterm or final test. Each session is taught by a student volunteer with exceptional communication skills, who has previously excelled in that particular course. They will take you over the material covered on the upcoming exam through a fun, and interactive session, full of relevant examples and opportunities for questions. Afterwards, you’ll get a take-home package to help you ace your upcoming exam!

Our Services

Exam Aids are typically three-hour sessions to review key concepts in a high-energy, relatable manner for a $20 donation.

  • Access Take Home Study Packages and digital recordings of sessions.
  • Ask questions in a judgement free zone and clarify your doubts.
  • Our Tutors will help you find the right mental state to overcome anxiety and stress during exam season.
  • Our sessions guarantee to leave you prepared and confident to ace your next exam.
  • Services are generally focused on pre-requisite courses such as Sciences and Business.
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