Organize a personal or group fundraiser through your classroom, your workplace, or among your friends and family. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you make it a success.

All donations to SOS are 100% tax-deductible and provide the opportunity to not only make a life-changing impact but to see that impact in action!

Featured Story

Meet Kari Griffore, an SOS Alumni who fundraised for Chuacruz, Guatemala where she went as an SOS Trip participant

Who Can Fundraise?

Whether you’re a past volunteer, a current one, or a member of the community looking to contribute, we’ll be here to help you make your fundraiser a success.

What Will You Fundraise For?

Each fundraiser will support a specific education-based project, whether it’s helping to fund the construction of a new classroom, providing scholarships or learning materials to students in our Guatemala Groundswell program, or helping address other needs identified by local community partners. We will work with you to develop a fundraising project that aligns with your goals and capacity.

How to Fundraise?

Your first step will be to Contact Us. We will work with you to help build a fundraising campaign plan built around your unique goals, skills, and interests. SOS provides communication materials and an online platform that make it easy to make your campaign a success. Plus, we provide opportunities for you and your donors to see the true impact your contributions are having through opportunities to participate in Culture Connect programs.

Fundraising Ideas

Below are a few examples of how you might fundraise:

  • Launch an online fundraiser to mark a birthday, holiday, graduation, or other special occasions
  • Organize a workshop to share your knowledge and skills in exchange for donations
  • Coordinate a campaign within your workplace, faith-based organization, or classroom

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