Our Guatemala Groundswell program empowers Mayan youth from rural regions of Guatemala to continue their studies, achieve their dreams, and pay it forward to support younger students in their community.

What is Guatemala Groundswell

Students aged 15-19 are selected by local committees to become designated Ambassadors. As Ambassadors they organize and facilitate ‘learning circle’ groups to help grade 4-6 students with their studies, and their lives. To help make this a success, each ambassador receives training, a tablet, and a small monthly scholarship to help them with their own studies and to provide them the tools they need to support their mentees.

We also provide training to teachers and parents to help create community-wide buy-in to encourage youth to achieve their full potential.

10x Impact: Every ambassador supports approximately 10 mentees, creating a true ripple effect throughout the entire community.

Why GG

In Guatemala, less than 37% of students study past grade nine. Mayan girls face the greatest challenges of all. GG takes an innovative and holistic approach to empower the most marginalized students to become role models and mentors within their community to help inspire a whole generation of students to continue their studies and achieve their dreams.

Our Impact

Since launching the program in Spring 2020, GG has supported over 417 students and +3000 community members overall. See the report about the impact our program had in it’s very first year here.


Ana Kency

Ana Romelia

Alba Toc

How to Get Involved

You can help support GG by donating, participating in a Culture Connect program, or volunteering.