Introducing the SOS Global Ambassadors: Meet Group 6!

Dear readers,

As we kick off our Global Ambassadors Summer Exchange Program, I am so excited to introduce to you our new SOS Global Ambassadors who will be participating in online exchanges and supporting SOS throughout the summer.

Meet the SOS volunteers of Team 6:

Shela Lamug 

Shela is currently in her first year of architecture at the University of Carleton. She recently participated as a team liaison for our Flip the Script program in a week long exchange with youth mentors from Guatemala. Shela is a talented artist who enjoys drawing and sketching objects, people, places, and textures!

Ardra Reba Sam 

Ardra is currently completing her graduate degree in International Development. She has previously worked with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada in the OCIC Innovation Lab working on a project with Indigenous communities. Ardra speaks German, is passionate about working with others, and is currently based in Bahrain.

Abhijeet Sangwan

Ahbijeet is currently in his first year of International Development studies. He has worked for an NGO based in India, working in the addictions and rehabilitation sector. Abhijeet’s long term goal is to open an NGO that supports physical and social development in India.

Sophie Dennison

Sophie is currently in her first year of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science at the University of Windsor. This is her first year volunteering with SOS as a human resources volunteer at the SOS Windsor Chapter. Sophie has been a dancer for 15 years and hopes to share her passion for dance with the group!

To learn more about the Global Ambassadors program, visit:

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