Introducing the SOS Global Ambassadors: Meet Group 5!

Dear readers,

As we kick off our Global Ambassadors Summer Exchange Program, I am so excited to introduce to you our new SOS Global Ambassadors who will be participating in online exchanges and supporting SOS throughout the summer.

Meet the SOS volunteers of Team 5:

Emily Addison

Emily is currently studying Computer Science and Chemistry at the University of Windsor. She has been involved with SOS as an exam aid executive for the past year.  Emily is excited to make connections with people from across the globe and learn more about Guatemalan culture.

Alexander Sabadus

Alex is currently in his first year of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Windsor. In high school, he was involved in a variety of leadership opportunities, including a fundraising project that ran basketball camps for students in his community. Alex is hoping to gain a new perspective from this program by learning about different cultures and global communities.

Jillian Aiton

Jillian is currently in her second year of Psychology at the University of Windsor. She is a business development volunteer with the SOS Windsor Chapter and helped plan the prizes for their Race to Guatemala event. Jillian spent 4 months on exchange in Madrid and is looking forward to using her knowledge of Spanish in the program!

Jonathan Ojangole 

Jonathan is currently in his first year of Computer Science at the Carleton University. He recently participated in our Flip the Script program, where he and his group presented video narratives about racial and gender inequalities in their communities. Jonathan wants to be a part of a global community and make a meaningful impact on the world around him.

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