The Travel Supplies You’ll Regret Leaving at Home

The scariest part of travelling may be your inability to bring every comfort of home along with you. SOS provides participants with a detailed list of the essentials you’ll need on your Outreach Trip, but the list below explores items that previous SOS volunteers have found useful.

Polaroid camera

A polaroid camera is a a great way make souvenirs on the spot. They’re a great gift to share with your host community and volunteer team.

Hydrating lotion with Aloe vera

Sunburns and dry skin happen! You’ll want to sooth your aching skin with aloe vera.

Travel size Spanish-English dictionary

Common words like bathroom, water, please and thank you, or common phrases like how are you or what is your name can go a long way.  You won’t want to get caught in a situation where you need those words but don’t!

A journal

You’ll want to write down everything you saw, felt, touched, ate, and heard. A journal is a great keepsake that you can look back on and know exactly how you felt in a particular moment.


There is nothing more comforting than a munchie that reminds you of home! Curb your culture shock with treats that you can also share with your new friends.

Sports Equipment

Sports are a great way to connect and communicate with others. When you’re moving around and working as a team you won’t even remember that you don’t speak the same language.  

Baby wipes

Perfect for when you’re too tired to take a shower.

Nail file

Having a chipped nail and no way to get rid of it is a terrible feeling. A nail file is one of those items that is always in your home’s ‘junk drawer’ but not something that is often remembered to pack.  Throw one in your checked luggage!

Blank cards

You will want to write a ton of thank you cards at the end of your trip. You will want to express your gratitude towards your fellow volunteers, towards your host community, and towards your partnering organization. Thank you cards are a great way to put into writing the feelings you may have a hard time expressing.

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